Prof. A. A. Yusupov has passed specialization in MNTK eye microsurgery, in scientific research institute of Eye illnesses, on chairs of ophthalmology of the Moscow medical institutes and university of Helmholtz.

Prof. A. A. Yusupov is the author of more than 70 scientific works, including one manual «Urgent help in Ophthalmology» for 6-7 year students of medical and pedagogic faculties and VOP doctors. He is an active participant of special scientific conferences and congresses on Ophthalmology. Prof. 20 works were published in materials of international conferences, congresses and symposiums. Under his supervision have been prepared and defended tens of master’s theses.

During  A. A. Yusupov's management of chair in medical practice of clinic new methods of diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment of eye illnesses were introduced. Surgical activity of clinic was considerably stirred up, terms of hospitalization were reduced and treatment outcomes have improved.

Scientific specifications: myopia, strabismus, crystalline lens surgery, modern methods of diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment of eye illnesses.