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????. ?????? ?.A cornea and crystalline "work" as an objective. The role of photo executes a retina: on which is building the picture of the object, which appears by the help of photoreceptors of retina in nerve impulse and further reproduces to visual nerves in the back parts of the head brain, where after parallel processing and merging of information from the right and left eyes forms a voluminous visual object. The picture will be bright, if the rays of the light reflected from observing object refracting in optical surroundings of eye focus exactly on retina.If the focus violated for the getting bright "picture" if is necessary to put an additional lens (specs, contact correction) or to change optical power of an eye.

"An arrangement" of an optical power of an eye realized after the changing optical property of crystalline (lens) by the way of influence of "accommodation" muscles. An age changing of sight (presbiopia). Presbiopia is an age lowering of ability of an eye to bright vision in different distention. The necessary to specs develops as a rule after 40 years old.

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