Our center was organized in 1994. The organizer is a doctor of medical sciences prof. Yusupov A.A. The main aim of center is introduction of modern techniques in diagnose and treatment of eye diseases, improvement the quality of service. Nowadays eyeclinic is a center with high provided techniques. Here you can find all service for the fast and exact treatment.


проф. Юсупов А.
Out specialists
PROF. Yusupov Amin Azizovich
Akshey Khera Yusupov Amir
Dr. Akshey Khera
vitreo-retinal surgeon
Dr. Yusupov Amir  
  PhD - manager
Yusupov Amin Azizovich was born 1958 in the city of Samarkand. On graduating from secondary school in 1975, he entered the Samarkand State Medical Institute (SamMI). After graduating from the Institute he went to Moscow for the ophthalmologic specialization. He studied specialization in the leading ophthalmologic centers of Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. At Moscows scientific research institute of eye illnesses named after Professor Helmholtz his supervisor was well-earned statesman of science in Russia prof. E.C. Avetisov. He has defended his master's thesis devoted to problems of strabismus in 1984 and in 1992 the thesis for a doctor's degree devoted to problems of high complicated short-sightedness. From 1995 he is a head of the chair of ophthalmology at SamMI...(more...)  
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